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Get the knowledge, systems & strategy needed to make it long-term in the markets.

Includes instant access to our proprietary stock screener that short-lists the best opportunities in the moment. 
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ONE TIME OFFER: This is a limited time offer for a one-year subscription of our One Trade a Week ™ Text Alerts including Risk Management Strategy. Total of 52 alerts. Alerts go out weekly on Friday around ‪3:30 pm EST and sometimes Thursday if markets are closed Friday‬. In 2020, the text alert strategy was up +183.98% and each trade had a 61.5% chance of hitting a +30% target. Forget the casino! Average hold time was 11.5 days and the Reward to Risk ratio was 1.46:1.

Here's What You'll Get:
  • Access to the Advanced Course
  • One one-on-one call (30 min.)
  • Proven Strategy
  • Game Plan
  • Proven System
  • Time Freedom
  • Golden Trade Template Tracker
  • Text Alert Track Record showing +183% gains in 12 months with One Trade a Week
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